Irrigation System Resources for Homeowners

The Dallas Irrigation Association’s Bylaws task the association with contributing to the education of the public on the efficient and proper use of a landscape irrigation sprinkler system. The DIA’s new website will be a spring board for educating homeowners as well as other end users. Additionally, the website will help shed light on House Bill 2507. HB2507 makes it a Class C misdemeanor for anyone to operate as an irrigator in the state of Texas without a valid irrigation license.

Resources for homeowners are needed with regards to the Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler System

Providing homeowner resources goes way beyond just adhering to DIA’s bylaws’ charge to contribute to the education of the public. The resources that DIA can provide can be invaluable to the homeowner’s decision making process. Consequently, making an informed decision protects the homeowner and their property. Here is our “why”…

  1. Homeowners enjoy beautifully landscaped yards
  2. Maximizing savings is important to homeowners
  3. Protection is key with homeowners

Homeowners enjoy beautifully landscaped yards

Outdoor spaces and lush landscaped lawns for entertaining, for enjoying downtime, and for that added play space for their families are now embraced by many homeowners. The basis of a beautifully landscaped outdoor space is without a doubt a well planned and expertly installed irrigation (sprinkler) system. Because of that, helping homeowners by providing resources to shore up or redesign that base of their outdoor space is invaluable and could be crucial in foregoing costly mistakes.

Maximizing savings is important to homeowners

There are two aspects to savings when it comes to a well designed and properly installed or retrofitted irrigation (sprinkler) system. The first aspect of savings is that of the conservation of water. The second of which is saving money on the homeowner’s water bill. Therefore, having resources to aid homeowners who are striving to conserve water and save money is imperative. This is a mission the DIA hopes to accomplish with this website and other online platforms.

Protection is key with homeowners

Protecting homeowners personally and protecting one of the biggest investments of their lifetime is key. Hiring the wrong person can not only wreak havoc on one personally, but also with their property. The resources that DIA can provide homeowners in making the right choice on who they trust moving forward with the installation or repair of their landscape irrigation (sprinkler) system will without a doubt be beneficial.

Key resources

It is important that we give you, the homeowner and end user, the best and easiest to use resources. This will hopefully help in your decision making process. The DIA has keyed in to three main resources, but look forward to adding more via this website and social media platforms in the near future. With that said, the key resources to date are…

In “Using a Licensed Irrigator”, homeowners and end users can not only access resources on the advantages of hiring but also see the disadvantages of not hiring a licensed irrigator who holds a valid Texas irrigation  license.

Need to locate a contractor? The DIA has added a fully functional search engine of licensed irrigators. What’s more, these irrigation proffesionals find value in holding membership in their local professional association.

After narrowing down your search for a licensed contractor, search TCEQ’s database. The information from the database will confirm if the license being presented is valid. Irrigation licenses expire every three years, therefore it’s imperative to double check the validity of an irrigator’s license.

Going forward

The DIA is excited to present resources for homeowners and end users. Additionally, we anticipate seeing content grow and change over time to better suit the growing and changing needs of homeowners. Now it’s your turn. First, connect with the DIA to stay up to date on news, events, and resources. Lastly, engage in the conversation with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues to help us share these resources with others.

Take a look the Homeowner Resources pages, but before you go, join DIA’s mailing list. Then leave us a comment below with your thoughts and help DIA spread the word by sharing this post and our site with your neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

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