Texas Irrigation Association

The Texas Irrigation Association (TXIA), formerly known as the Texas Turf Irrigation Association (TTIA), was created in 1965 as a professional association for the members of the then burgeoning industry of landscape irrigation in Texas. Today, the TXIA is run by a board of trustees composed of representatives from each local irrigation association in Texas, to best represent licensed irrigators across the state.

TXIA’s mission is to promote the business success & professionalism of its members through education, legislative advocacy, networking, and public relations.

TXIA works toward the goals of this mission by providing education opportunities and resources, by monitoring laws, rules, and trends at the state level that can affect the livelihood of the industry, by supporting and helping to strengthen local associations, and by informing the consumer on the importance of utilizing the licensed irrigation professional and smart water management practices.

The Dallas Irrigation Association is affiliated with the TXIA and every yearly DIA membership includes a membership with the state association, the TXIA.

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