Best Management Practices

Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices are compiled by the Irrigation Association who, along with recognized experts in the industry, emphasizes efficient water management, preserving water supplies, protecting water quality, formulate and implement sound water policies, and help water purveyors, industry professionals and irrigation consumers make responsible and informed decisions about water use.

The development of the 2014 Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices was a collaborative effort between the Irrigation Association and the American Society of Irrigation Consultants. Through the revised Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices, three best management practices for landscape irrigation are defined as follows:

  • Design the irrigation system to efficiently use water resources.
  • Install the irrigation system to meet the design criteria.
  • Manage landscape water resources to maintain a healthy and functional landscape.

Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices include:

  • Three BMPs that address the design, installation and management of irrigation systems.
  • Practice guidelines that address ways to effectively implement the respective BMPs and can be adapted locally.
  • Appendices that provide related information for the implementation or understanding of the BMPs.

The three practices used along with their corresponding guidelines lay the groundwork for decision making processes with regards to efficient water use and can be adapted to local water constraints and opportunities.

Downloadable Landscape Irrigation BMPs