Confirm an Irrigator’s License

The Texas 82nd Legislature passed House Bill 2507 making it a Class C misdemeanor for an individual to operate as an irrigator in the state of Texas without a valid irrigation license. Therefore, effective September 1, 2011, individuals operating without a license are in direct violation of Texas Occupational Code, Sec. 1903.256.

The following was the basis for requiring individuals operating as irrigators to hold a valid irrigation license issued by the state of Texas, more specifically, the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

  • An unlicensed irrigator may contaminate the public water supply because they have not received training to prevent non-potable water in lawn irrigation pipes from flowing into public water supply pipes that must be open to install an irrigation (sprinkler) system

Upon reviewing solicitations for or obtaining a bid for repair or installation of a landscape irrigation (sprinkler) system in the state of Texas,

  1. Ask your contractor to show proof of his/her valid Texas irrigation license (LI)
  2. Follow up by searching TCEQ’s landscape irrigation database to validate that the LI license status is listed as “current”

For more information about landscape irrigation licensing visit Using a Licensed Irrigator and download the “Make it a Priority: Always Hire a Licensed Irrigation Professional” flyer.