Dallas Irrigation Association Launches New Website

A time comes in most organizations when a fresh start is needed. That time has arrived for the Dallas Irrigation Association. After months of planning, the DIA is excited to flip the switch and introduce you to their new website. It is common knowledge that much in the irrigation industry has and continues to change. Likewise, the DIA knows if the organization is going to service its members and irrigation professionals around the DFW Metroplex, an overhaul in their web presence had to change.

Three Reasons to Make a Change

Why change, you ask? Most anyone who tried to navigate DIA’s previous website will be able to answer that question pretty quickly. DIA realized that while functionality was a big issue, the new website would need to address the following aspects of the industry that has changed:

  • Technology
  • Industry News & Resources
  • Homeowner & End User Connections


Technology changes are a monster of their own. More specifically, one of the biggest changes with websites has been the utilization of accessing websites on mobile devices. We no longer sit at a computer to access everything. According to a report by We Are Social, there are over 4 billion people using the internet around the world. Of those 4 billion, 52% are accessing the internet via their mobile devices. In light of that, the mobilization and optimization of an organization’s website is non-negotiable.

Industry News & Resources

Truly the heart of any organization is its members. Because of that, DIA desires to make every opportunity to keep its membership informed, provide for them additional tools that further professionalism, and to promote opportunities for education and networking. The structure of this new website allows for change as information ebbs and flows. Because of this, the organization now has the means to keep things current for the benefit of its membership.

Homeowner & End User Connections

The Dallas Irrigation Association was specifically organized to “contribute to the education of its members and the public on the efficient and proper use of landscape irrigation systems”. This new website, along with other platforms, will be a spring board for educating the public as well as to help promote the utilization of licensed irrigation professionals.

Key Features of the Dallas Irrigation Association’s New Website

Change has been established, now let’s look a couple of the key features of the new website. The Dallas Irrigation Association’s Board of Directors was intentional about adding value to the new website with updated content that serves the purposes stated above. Here’s a little taste of the key features, but don’t stop with this list or this post, explore and check out for yourself the content provided in www.dallasia.org.

  • Locate a Contractor
  • News & Events
  • Industry Resources
  • Homeowner Resources

Locate a Contractor

This listing gives individuals who are looking for a licensed contractor the opportunity to connect with professionals who are also DIA members. Do you want to be listed in this section? Make sure your membership is current with the DIA as this is a benefit of membership in the association. The DIA only lists contractors in this section but lists all members in the Membership List section of the website.

News & Events

These pages will allow DIA to promote local and statewide industry events. DIA strives to provide educational and networking opportunities and through their yearly Expo and general membership meetings, give industry professionals a chance to get plugged in.

Industry Resources

There is a myriad of resources available to contractors and industry professionals in the “Industry Resources” section. Since there are too many to go into detail here, take time to look through the resources assembled and don’t be shy about contacting the DIA if you have additional suggestions on industry resources.

Homeowner Resources

This feature is new to DIA’s redesigned website. These resources will grow as DIA strives to increase awareness with homeowners and end users. More information on efficient and proper use of landscape irrigation systems as well as the state mandated utilization of licensed irrigators is greatly needed. Such as Industry Resources, don’t hold back if you have suggestions for content within the realm of Homeowner Resources. Contact us and let us know any additional resources that you think would be valuable to homeowners and end users.

Going Forward

In conclusion, the DIA looks forward to publishing content to better suit the changing landscape of the irrigation industry. Additionally, the association anticipates an increase with its engagement with area industry professionals. Because of that, DIA desires for its readers to suggest additional content that may be beneficial to other industry professionals.

Now it’s your turn! To begin, take a look around the new website. After that, help DIA spread the word by sharing this post and our site with your colleagues, friends, and customers. It’s easy – there are social media links for sharing just below this paragraph!

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