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Board of Directors

The Dallas Irrigation Association is a volunteer, board-run, Texas non-profit corporation and welcomes members interested in serving on the board. Please contact any current board member for further information. Board terms are for two years.


  • President (2017) Michael Gonzalez 214-669-4873
  • Vice President (2017) Wayne Gibbs 972-489-1936
  • Treasurer (2016) Justin Knox 903-654-4288
  • Secretary (2015) Scott Heidman 214-437-0394


  • Director (2015) Matt Swor 972-406-0222
  • Director (2016) DeVille Hubbard 214-377-1170
  • Director (2016) Doug Seale
  • Director (2016) Filix Brito
  • Director (2015) Todd Warden 972-547-7553
  • Director (2016)  
  • Vendor Coordinator Matt Swor 972-406-0222
  • BOMI CPD Coordinator DeVille Hubbard 214-377-1170
  • Nomination Committee; Doug Seal
  • Website Committee; DeVille Hubbard, Doug Seal, Wayne Gibbs






As a condition for membership in the Dallas Irrigation Association, all members agree and subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:

To promote and uphold the integrity of the Dallas Irrigation Association.

To abide by the Dallas Irrigation Association’s By-laws and Codes.

To respect the opinions of all Dallas Irrigation Association members.

To abide and follow all local, state, and national laws regarding irrigation practices.

To hold inviolate the concepts of free enterprise.

To subscribe to fair and honest business practices including the legitimate representation of personal capabilities and experience.

To continually seek to gain respect and recognition for the irrigation industry.

To promote water, soil, and energy conservation through efficient and cost-effective irrigation products, design, installation, and management.

Violations of the Code of Ethics can and will be grounds for removal from any Dallas Irrigation Association event. It will be at the President’s discretion to remove individuals. Severe or repeat infractions of the Code of Ethics can result in revocation of membership with a majority vote of the Board of Directors. No dues refunds will be given due to revocation of membership.


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News and Resources

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  • Next Irrigator Advisory Council Meeting:

    Thursday, May 7, 2015 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Location: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, 12100 Park 35 Circle, Building C, Conference Room 131, Austin, Texas 78753